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Registering, our story

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My husband will be coming home from prison this coming December, he was sentenced to 30 months and will be getting out after 26 due to a points system.  Our story began on Aug. 4, 2014 when the FBI broke into our house while we were out of town on vacation. They took all the computers so I'm sure from that you can figure out that he has an internet crime.  In April of 2016 he accepted a plea bargain, he was never arrested and was only charged with one count of possession (child pornography). He was a 25 year Air Force Vet, volunteer of the year for his squadron while we were stationed in OK, retired and received his Bachelor's and Masters degrees. he loved using the computer and was an IT expert so the computer was his life. He worked on the AF Base in Dayton Ohio for almost 10 years in a civilian capacity. He charges were only based on our home computer, he did not distribute or produce any videos, he just downloaded pictures and some videos.  He will be coming home on Dec 13th to a family who has stood by his side though all of this. We were angry at him, of course but we also know that he is a devoted husband, father and grandfather who is totally family oriented.  We do everything together so when I read some of these laws for sex offenders it outrages me.  He should be classified as a Tier 1 offender but I am not sure how his parole officer is looking at things.  The one thing I know for sure and is a fact is HE WILL NEVER EVER REPEAT THIS OFFENSE but because he has to register for the next 15 years I'm told, he has no chance. He has apologized profusely to me, our kids and friends who know the kind of man his really is, as for my family they have basically never mentioned his name and treat me like crap but it is something I have dealt with since 2016. It hurts because we have been together for 37 years and they should know him better than what they are judging. They all have skeletons in their closets which I'm sure they don't want anybody to know about but I know a few things and have never held it against them. It may not be something that would put them in prison but my kids and I are the only ones that are personally affected by this.

I know I have gone and on but when a person registers in a state does it cover the whole state?  We live in Montgomery county, if he possibly can find a job in a nearby or connecting county does he have to register there also or does the state registration handle it all?

Thank you for your time, I wish I could attend the conference but I start back to work.

Joanie McAdoo

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To answer your question. The regestry is state wide. 

I want to give him the benefit of the doubt that he didn't purposefully download it or planted. Only you know the real story. You dealt with it. 

I hope his return is a joyous one.