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Cost to attend conference?

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Does anyone know roughly how much the tickets to the conference might cost? I think this conference sounds great and I'd love to come and bring my (registered) partner.  Unfortunately, he barely makes enough to pay his rent....and while I don't mind covering extra costs sometimes, a hotel room plus two flights and two conference fees sounds a little daunting to me.  I want to have a ballpark total cost before I start investing in this idea.

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We are working feverishly on the conference. We are waiting on the equipment company to give us the cost of the things we need like a sound system, etc.  The hotel does not furnish that. 

I talked with a lady from another organization this morning and we discussed a van or bus for members in this area. She is going to check into a few things and get back to me. Not sure if you would be interested in that type of transportation where everyone chips in and it is less expensive than a flight. 

More later.