I failed to Register now I’m going back in

My name is John B. I’m in Washington state and had the charge of attempted child molestation which wasn’t a fair charge. Now, first about my charge. It was an internet sting called ‘Net Nanny’. Someone hit me up on Facebook and asked to hang out after some conversations. I sold drugs at the time and told them that I did.

After a while, they told me they were 13 years old and I asked if it was a joke. I said that I thought you told me before you were 21 earlier. They said they lied so I’d talk to them. I called the person and a female actually answered. I told them they didn’t sound like a 13-year-old and are they pretending to be, like DDLG or age play. They said well…. that’s all wellllll…. and laughed. I told them are you sure you’re 13 and they said that they called me as I asked and that they wanted me to come to see them. I told them that I’d only come to see them if they wanted drugs. Because they were acting weird.

Before this, we had talked sexually explicitly but the person sounded much older and acted like an adult. I went to meet the person and cops showed up. I legitimately didn’t know what to think about the person or situation and didn’t really believe the age they gave due to the phone conversation. I did 15 months in prison with 3 years probation and registration.

I was released and reported then absconded and went to California to see my kids and mother whom I hadn’t seen in so long.

I don’t believe the registry is fair and I definitely know I’m going back to prison. I did do wrong but internet stings should be illegal.

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