Neighbor rage- how far will they go?

I’m scared.

My husband moved in 8 years ago. Two years ago there was an argument over a parking space in front of our home. The neighbors made it clear the neighbors all hated my husband and wanted him gone.

My husband never once has looked at another woman other than me or a child. Never once have I been concerned that he was dangerous or would hurt anyone sexually.

His story is his to share; however, there is good reason to believe that he never did the things he was accused of. Of course, I wasn’t there, but I know the people involved. He pled to prevent getting a harsher drug charge at the time, about 20 years ago. He did his time, was told he would have 10 years on the registry, and somehow now has to be on for life. We want to fight it, but that takes money, of course.

Back to now… the neighbors started harassing us. They started writing to the township to complain about us, making false claims.

In Pennsylvania, they made a law that no adult can leave their child with a person required to register. He is allowed to be anywhere with anyone, but I can go to jail if I leave my child of another father with him. So for 7 years, I could never leave my kids alone with him without an adult being present. Our only child under 18 is his now, so we finally don’t have to worry anymore.

But the neighbors are getting worse and worse. The next-door neighbor went through social media to dig up my ex-husband of 17 years ago to contact. He put up a camera looking directly into our home. I didn’t realize for who knows how long. When we discovered it we put up a film on the windows so they couldn’t see in. But how many days did I run down in my t-shirt and underwear to let out the dog? Or the kids in diapers or their Jammies? These same neighbors sent letters to the township about our RV, then fabricated information to try to get us in trouble for our dogs.

They changed their wifi names to their routers to harass my husband. The whole neighborhood can see the names they have on their wifi. The next-door neighbor works for Comcast, so we know where that idea originated.

A few weeks ago, the neighbor came onto our property threatening to punch my husband.

My husband was wrong but he revved his motorcycle at 8:30 AM on Sunday morning. Some neighbors yelled at him and he screamed back that he isn’t messing with their lives, so why are they messing with ours? So they videotaped him and plastered it on social media. I have been chasing the videos to have them taken down. He was wrong, but in the video, they made it out that it was all about a parking spot and that he was crazy.

In a post, the elections commissioner of our town identified which road we lived on after a police officer asked where we lived. Of course, with posts of people stating they wanted to do more harassing of my husband. I was at work at the time. I would have stopped him if I’d been home. But he reacted. He had just found out that the next-door neighbors were definitely the ones writing letters and contacting my ex-husband.  The neighbor across the street was parking his car without inspections in front of our house, just to try to upset him. That neighbor has a full driveway and fits 5 cars, while we are dependent on street parking for a second car. My husband was wrong to rev his motorcycle that early. And I’ve told him he can’t lose it and look like a lunatic.

Two days ago, he was driving home and we have on video the neighbor across the street, pulling out of his driveway as my husband neared on his motorcycle. As he got closer, the guy kept backing up, forcing my husband off the road and nearly crashing. If not for excellent driving, my husband could have been hurt badly. We showed the cops the video and they said the angle of the video doesn’t show enough. That it doesn’t look like enough to go after them. That they could argue they didn’t see him.

Yesterday, my husband was waxing the car, standing at the end of the driveway in front of the car. Another neighbor, who we have a picture of talking with my next-door neighbor the same day my husband was threatened to be punched, and who was in the video arguing with my husband on the video posted on social media, this neighbor saw my husband and swerved his car directly towards my husband. He swerved his car back after he passed our house- but it was directly intended to threaten him and make him fearful. We called the cops again. They said they may be able to go after him for aggravated assault if the District Attorney will take the case. We have the video. The question is- does the DA care if my husband or family is hurt or killed? Two attempts to harm in two days to physically harm him with two vehicles. Will they protect someone on the registry?

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  1. I wanted to comment so you might know that you’re not alone. Unfortunately, I’m not in Pennsylvania so I can’t say how the DA will handle the case. I would hope that the DA would be willing to look at the evidence and see if a prosecutable offense has occurred.
    In the meantime, maybe look into a restraining order. I got one when I had people yelling obscenities at me from their cars while I was on the registry. You have more than I did.

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