Wrong what the government did to me

Ok, I’m a registered citizen convicted of a federal crime in 2017. I was on Craigslist and posted a legit ad under causal encounters. You are required to be age 18+ to enter and respond. I like sex but my ad never mentioned a minor. I was not an ‘older male seeking young fun.’ Never looking for that.

The cops responded to my ad posing as a 14-year-old. I never believed the age because, gain, you have to be 18. This sounds like entrapment but America doesn’t believe in entrapment.

I did 5 years in prison and I’m a Tier I registrant in Pennsylvania.  They ruined my life but the cops need to be held accountable for entrapping people like me.

I will be on the registry for 15 years. Please communicate with me here to offer any support of suggestions.

Justice needs to be served but,  for me, this is a witch hunt using a make-believe victim.

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  1. I have always wondered why any law enforcement officer has a blank check permission to lie.I have mentioned my concern to my legislators about the techniques that law enforcement uses to question or catch online activiity.

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