Help needed to fight Ohio HB 353

This post is meant to inform you of HB 353, a bill that has been proposed in Ohio to require that ALL registrants report ALL adults living in the home where the registrant resides so that the Sheriff’s Department can then inform the adults that they are in fact residing with a sex offender. Full bill here:

Even if not living in Ohio, we could use your help with # 3 below…

Obviously, family members and roommates do not wish to have their names and information on yet another form of a government list, and we know of no other state that has proposed such a bill. We did have a 2 hr meeting with the bill’s sponsor and our plea for squashing this idea and even our recommended amendments have went ignored.

We are currently seeking help in the way of

1) opponent testimony statements,

2) people willing to attend the opponent hearing when scheduled at the Statehouse in Columbus,

3) the ACLU has requested that we collect any written narratives about an instance of physical or emotional suffering caused to anyone residing in the home of a registrant. This help can be from other states.

Please contact if needing more information, or if wishing to receive help in writing a statement or traveling to the Statehouse.


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