It Could Be You – July 18, 2018 – Vicky Henry with Women Against Registry
It Could Be You – July 18, 2018 – Vicky Henry with Women Against Registry
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  1. I want to be a voice for WAR as a life long victim who happened to fall in love with a registered sex offender. I have had many boyfriends, law abiding boyfriends who have chocked me, punched me, kicked me, dragged me and just said horrible words to me to damage my free spirit. I have never been treated with so much respect before in my life. My boyfriend gets down sometimes and I see how it is hard for a registered offended to move on. One that follows all guidelines, did their time and yet they are still being punished and sometimes it’s for life. I don’t know, I really don’t but I have been shunned for too long. Being a victim all my life has caused me to be very quiet and shy well I am done being quiet. I want to speak out about my experiences and prove first hand that minds can be changed. He recently graduated a technical college with high awards and is now looking for work but often feels down and like no one will ever take him seriously. I see him break down sometimes but most generally, he is uplifting and positive. I don’t want to see that fade away but it truly is hard for the registry and all I want is to show him a beautiful life. Give the realization on your end reading this.. I was in a family where I was secret being fiddled with and I can tell you and everyone else right now that it’s not so much as a registry map of red dots to make us safe. It’s the parents and family members who are over protective, yes over protective to taking a closer look at the little girls or well children in their lives. I mean, it mostly is someone close to the child and yes I see that it may be hard to keep a watchful eye on them all every waking moment and sleeping moment but if one was to become aware of exactly how to communicate with their child and the people who are watching her or him when you are not then this will drastically bring down the numbers of the registry itself. It is the parents new responsibility and with a child come many. If only my parents looked closer, the signs were all there. They always chalked it up to me being stubborn, or rebellious when I did try to make them see that I am not all right in the head over here and it should be gently addressed. I may of been able to fully disclose all activities when everyone was looking away in confidence if only my parents made me feel comfortable enough to do so. I know they feel bad now for what has happened and no one ever brings it up, ever. Makes me really not have a relationship with my entire family because I secretly blame all of them for letting it go on. I know it’s not their faults either but now when I was my own family I have to consider, where can we live in the future because we cannot live at grandmas’s our whole lives. geez, I want to travel with this guy and show him the beauty in life and love. He does deserve it and he has been punished for his crime, is remorseful and just want to be able to move on with it knowing what he knows now and will never re offend. I believe him but society wants him to be backed into a corner with no light source, and just wait to die there. Scraping for food, scraping for life. He is a human being after all, he still has life. I strongly believe now that both the victim and offender need and deserve to have a normal, better life. He knows what he did was far beyond being okay and feels horrible about it. Can he move on? Is he allowed to move on?? Wouldn’t we want the people to be able to be rehabilitated or will they forever be shunned by society?

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