Male Teen Has Consensual Sex with Female Teen. He Gets 25 Years as Sex Offender, Banned from Internet.

This is just one of many incidents of this nature and, unfortunately, it wont be the last. Not until the registry is abolished. It seems, in each case, that the older Teen male is the one that takes the fall. What ever happened to parental responsibility?
If this girl had not lied about her age, being 18, on this facebook site..if she was upfront and told Zach that she is 14 then this never would of happened.
Parental Liability makes her parents responsible for her actions. In the state of Michigan parents are responsible for their child’s willful misconduct.
State law says that Liability is imposed on parents when a child willfully causes injury to another. And when someone is labeled a sex offender and put on the SOR it is the worst injury one can receive.
The parents of this minor should take the fall and Zach’s charges removed.

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