Cops can’t get legit arrest so they roleplay with Jon’s and Jane’s online

I spent 5 years in prison for an alleged crime the cops planted on me.

Here’s my story. In 2017 I was on Craigslist in the adult personal section where you have to be 18 and older to respond. I never sent pics or gave a real description of myself so basically, someone responded to my ad which said older guy seeking younger fun. Note nothing about a minor.

The cops responded to my ad and in my opinion, violated the terms and agreement of Craigslist. I knew I was getting catfished but I still met up and it was an unlawful sting operation and entrapment. The cop who was confused about his age and sexuality led me on as they groomed me. I wasn’t looking for underage where there weren’t supposed to be any allowed.

Now I’m on the registry for 10 years as a Tier one.  I don’t think I should be on the list. It’s ruining my life. I have no job…no food!

The government needs to be held accountable for illegal  sting operations and every law enforcement person participating should have a register. Let’s see how they like it!

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