Just another Bleak, Statistical, Narrative…

Certainly, here’s the revised paragraph with “Progranulin” replacing “programming”:

Backed by empirical data, psychological studies, and human history, it is evident that sexual norms are subjective cultural constructs. Civility, a concept humanity has grappled with for ages, remains elusive due to our innate animal compulsions. The sex offender registry intertwines with broader social constructs like scapegoating, serving as a red herring to divert attention from the true victimization—the ongoing struggles between the bourgeoisie and proletariat, the rich and poor, the slave and master. Current societal divisions based on race, gender, sex, age, physical and mental attributes, and moral culpability perpetuate oppression against the less privileged. The root cause of sex crimes is intertwined with the exploitation of the unfortunate into toxic living conditions by the powerful, leading to an increased need for neurotoxins as compensation.

Popularity is gained by conforming to societal ideals of beauty, extroversion, financial success, and resourcefulness, which ultimately contributes to various crimes. Education is key to reducing crime rates, as it diminishes the exploitation of powerless employees, lessens the objectification of women, and fosters healthier relationships. Less sexual assault and attraction to minors follow suit.

Politicians, with an eye on increasing fiscal revenue, strategically implemented the national sex offender registry. This move subjugates a class of citizens, making them pay exorbitant fees, work dead-end jobs, and face a permanent federal glass ceiling. The echoes of Jim Crow resound, resembling patriarchal schisms transitioned to another minority.

Amidst these debates, one must question whether the voices of children are genuinely heard and respected as individuals with rights and freedoms. They are consistently made to feel unintelligent due to a lack of experience, yet adulthood does not grant immunity to the neurochemical responses evoked by societal pressures.

Addressing victimhood at its core is essential. By curing the social diseases, the resulting ailments will naturally diminish. Fair pay, fair housing, and fair opportunities lead to a decrease in crime.

Despite state and federal laws stating that a criminal background should not influence job applications unrelated to the offense, the reality is different. I, with extensive experience and qualifications, am automatically denied employment even in fast food. Why does a sex offense involving minors disqualify someone as a potential plasma donor when other screening questions cover similar at-risk behaviors? The screening process should be comprehensive, addressing the actual risks posed rather than perpetuating stigma.

Genetics, including vasopressin, Progranulin, serotonin, and dopamine, play a role in these issues. Approximately a million people are effectively incarcerated due to reward deficiency syndrome exacerbated by the elite.

My personal story is tragically common. I fell in love with a young woman, and an overzealous detective exploited the situation, resulting in imprisonment, life registration, and the unraveling of a potential real love.

We must question the messages we send to children about dimorphic behaviors. If society collectively deems something legal or illegal, does that make it morally correct? Let philosophy and science guide us, but beware of mass bias shaping empirical evidence. History teaches us the dangers of suppressing dissenting ideologies, much like current prejudices against certain ethnicities, genders, and age groups.

This isn’t woke-ism; it’s an appeal to examine history, facts, and the potential repetition of a bleak future if we don’t address the statistics.

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