Punished for an entrapment case

The reason I’m sharing my actual name is that I have nothing to hide. I was involved in an entrapment case in Oconto Wisconsin about 5 years ago. I placed an ad on Craigslist looking for an older woman and was repeatedly contacted by an undercover police officer. No matter how many times I said no, she persisted and would not leave me alone. I suffer from mood disorder and schizophrenia as well as potential Asperger’s syndrome. The attorney that my family originally hired kept putting in my head that I would be going to prison from the beginning. He did not represent me properly and I had to hire a new attorney while in prison to prove entrapment. It was proven that the police had to ask for permission to arrest me. But even though it was proven, the jurisdiction didn’t see it that way. I was a pawn for political advancement. The District Attorney was the major bully in all of this and he was personal friends with the officer who entrapped me. When I was initially arrested, I was placed in an isolated/frigid room for over a month. I was ridiculed and antagonized by the police officers at the jail. I cried every day and had many dreams as though I was never going home.

I’m from Pennsylvania and I was attending a preseason game for Green Bay that year. The police tried to make it seem as though I was going there strictly to meet an underage girl. All three female officers laughed at my expense in the next room after they arrested me. Even though I never committed a crime in my life, that jurisdiction made me out to be one of the biggest criminals around. I am partially Hispanic and I’m not sure if race had anything to do with them prosecuting me. There was another young lady who was convicted of sexual assault of a minor in that county. She was given a mere two years in prison and I was given about the same over an entrapment case.

I’m not going to get into the disparity of gender or race in the justice system. Just know that there are cases like mine out there. The registry itself gives a false hope of protection. The registry does not prevent crimes from being committed. The only thing the registry succeeds at is making people like me feel as though we could never live a normal life again. I want to feel free again and I hope that the registry can be abolished someday.

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  1. The same exact thing happened to my son in Pittsburgh PA. He had an ad on CL, which was answered by undercover police. He was not looking for an underage girl either. He now has a 25 year registry. He spends most of his days at home. He is a broken man and has no one to talk to. Your stories sound so similar. I am sorry.

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