Sex offense registry is not for everyone

I had consensual sex with a teenager in December of 2002. She was 17 and I was 20. She snuck out one night which I didn’t know she wasn’t allowed outside at the time. She is a white female from a prejudice neighborhood. I am black from a really bad neighborhood. We were at my house with a couple of other friends hanging out. We had consensual sex this night. We stayed at house until the wee hours in the morning. The whole time her mother was looking for her. Witch I didn’t know. When she finally went home to face the music, she told her mother she was raped to get out of trouble. When I was arrested the rape kit test said she had sex . But it wasn’t forcible. I was young and scared and put all my trust in a lawyer that just took my family’s money and made think I was getting a good plea deal and I wouldn’t go to trial. I got sentenced to 3 and a half years in prison plus 5 years supervision. And I had to register with the derogatory label “sex offender”. I received a level 3 “sexual predator” as my level. I’ve been reporting every 90 days since 2006. I just recently got charged with failure to register because of miscommunication between me and a detective and I am now going to court for failure to register after I’ve been registering for 18 years. This is a life long sentence for me. I just want to live normally. I am not a “sexual predator” or a “rapist”. This sex offense registry has really gave me the short end of the stick.

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