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I have fought hard for a long time, seemingly alone, to regain trust and respect. I did my time in prison, I lost everything. I am still being punished. But more importantly, my family is being shamed by me and that is the most painful thing I have experienced. To know I am the only thing in their lives they are ashamed of. Our whole situation was mishandled. We should have had family counseling the whole time I was in prison. We were driven apart because my family were led to believe that they were supposed to shun me. Now, 12 years later, the only thing I care about in life, is still ripped away from me. I’m supporting this cause, trying to earn my family, some trust, and respect back. I have quit drinking, smoking, and I hardly ever thought about sex in the first place, but it’s still not an issue. I am a completely different different person than I was, not to mention a different person than people want to assume I am. I pray to God through Jesus Christ, but I don’t throw verses around. I don’t want people to think I’m hiding sin behind the bible. We all fall short, but I’m humble, not self righteous.

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