W.A.R.- Our Year at a Glance

The directors of W.A.R. would like to recap the organization’s accomplishment in 2013 and share some 2014 projects with you.

2013 Year at a Glance

As you know, due to your memberships and donations we were able to attend three BIG national events. We shared the plight of our registrant families, offering credible study materials and forged relationships after their initial shock of seeing an organization advocating for registrants and families which was fun to be a part of.  In February we attended and had an exhibit at the Prisoner’s Family Conference in Houston. Then in August we had distinct pleasure of being part of the exhibit floor of the Legislative Summit at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia where we talked to many legislators as they browsed our display. One Pennsylvania legislator wanted a picture of Vicki at the booth with our W.A.R. banner so she could blog about it and then hugged Vicki before leaving the exhibit.  It was there that we were told we were brave for doing this. Then in September the National Association of Defense Attorneys Seminar in Savannah, Georgia was specifically for topics relating to sexual crimes. Our friend and advocate Attorney Norm Pattis was a presenter and we were invited to be part of a task force where we will be afforded the opportunity to talk about the challenges of our families.  

In addition to the above W.A.R. was represented at:

1.      The Child Abuse Prevention March in St. Louis where Vicki participated with others to promote awareness of child physical and sexual abuse as part of a month long nationwide initiative.

2.      Kim DuBina attended the Indiana Department of Justice regional conference to represent W.A.R. with DOC officials and Governors who attended from other states.

3.      The New York ATSA Conference in New York City

4.      RSOL National Conference in California

We have also accomplished many tasks this year:

1.      Establishing a Registrants and Families Hotline, equipped with trained volunteers to answer phones on a daily basis. Additionally creating a database of all calls and emails of contacts made through the hotline which can be used for future grant and donations to W.A.R..

2.      Contributed to a national lawsuit to stop online exploitation of those listed on the registry

3.      W.A.R.’s name and contact information has been listed with the National United Way 211 assistance hotline.

4.      A National Database of all newspaper and television contacts for each state.

5.      A Mass Mailer to Public Defenders offices throughout the United States with W.A.R. information and contacts

6.      Made contacts with two major media personalities to start projects for television attention to our cause

7.      Began collaborating with a National organization to further develop a solid and attainable society geared toward “prevention” rather than mass incarcerations after children have been harmed.

8.      Started work on a National Database for housing and employment within each state to be used in conjunction with the assistance requested by folks contacting the hotline.

9.      The necessary steps are under way to become a 501c4 not for profit organization!

We can’t thank you enough for the support and help each one of you have given and in many cases W.A.R.. Without you, we could not have been involved and accomplished all that we have this past year!

Women Against Registry Goals for 2014

As our movement grows we have set our goals even higher for next year!

1.      Attend the three conferences listed above, as we believe our presence is needed to get our voices heard.

2.      Continue providing the hotline service to those in need and working to engage them in advocacy for their family and others.

3.      Complete the process of obtaining our 501c4 status

4.      Work with the state POC’s to educate and encourage their members in helping to bring about awareness to the collateral damage experienced on a daily basis by communicating with legislators, church leadership, media and the community.

5.      Continue our affiliation with the National organization to work on “prevention” and to provide solutions to legislators to reduce registry laws and restrictions.

6.      Continue our outreach to state and local shelters and ministry leaders to obtain housing and employment to be given out to support line callers and shared on our website.

What you can give………

1.      Your time and attention

2.      Your monetary donations

3.      Reach out to others who are facing similar hardships with these laws and restrictions

4.      Consider becoming the possibility of your becoming a state point of contact (POC) for W.A.R.

5.      Assist in projects as needed

6.      Attend local events with legislators, city councils, town hall meetings, school organizations to represent W.A.R.

7.      Pass out our brochures to churches, schools, football games or other social venues

If you can, please consider a financial contribution to help with current and future endeavors which will benefit all of us. As we stated before, we could NOT have done this without every penny that was donated and for which we will gladly be held accountable to all paying members and donors! It’s time we all stand up and do all we can to stop the destruction of our families!

We look forward to working along-side  all of you in 2014!

Happy Holidays!

Vicki, Kim, Georgina and Dolley


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