11th Circuit WIN today in Doe v Miami-Dade

A win in the 11th Circuit today! Miami-Dade is infamous for encampments of homeless registrants, permanent housing is very scarce because of residency restrictions.

Despite national media attention to bad laws that had people living under the Julia Tuttle Causeway–courts haven’t been much help. Now there’s an interesting development.

A lawsuit filed in Oct 2014 in federal court challenging those residency restrictions had been dismissed. However, today a federal appeals court *reversed* that dismissal and sent it back to the original court for further proceedings.

Below is the court’s ruling, also a 2014 Miami Herald story for background.

Congrats to John Doe #1, John Doe #2, John Doe #3 and Florida Action Committee. In addition to the ACLU’s Florida affiliate, this lawsuit is getting help from the ACLU’s national criminal justice project based in NYC. –Bill Dobbs

Doe v Miami-Dade

US Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit, 1:15-cv-23933

Opinion and order filed Sept. 23, 2016


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