America’s Byzantine, Orwellian, & Kafkaesque Sex-Offender laws are Cruel and Unusual Punishment
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Sex-Offender’s 2018 ‘Appeal’ to the United States Supreme Court: America’s Byzantine, Orwellian, & Kafkaesque

This is a Petition For Writ Of Certiorari, asking the United States Supreme Court to accept an appeal from the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals in Saint Louis, and declare Sex-offender laws unconstitutional. The original ‘sex’ conviction was for offering a kiss to a fifteen year old gal in California. This civil case was filed after the sex-offender moved to Missouri and encountered continuing problems there related to sex-offender-registration, housing, and so forth. This is an exciting legal document, concise. It’s neither boring, nor overly-technical. Key points include public policy, and falling birth-rates [allegedly] due to the ‘Byzantine’ sex-offender system in America today.

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