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Clemency or Parole for Eric Knapp

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My grandson is a California state prisoner named Eric Knapp. A friend of mine on Facebook has suggested that you might care to read, sign, share, and help get at least one other person to also read, sign, and share our online petition titled "Clemency or Parole for Eric Knapp," at


We're trying to get at least 200 people to sign our petition within the next 30 days so that we may then submit our petition to both the Governor of California and the California Board of Parole Hearings with at least 1,000 supporting signatures. (Our petition has already been signed by more than 800 supporters!)


Eric is a first-term offender who had no prior criminal record at the time of his arrest in November 1992. In short, Eric is serving a 98-year sentence for non-homicide conduct that occurred not only when he was less than 26 years old (which makes him a youthful offender under new California Penal Code section 3051) but also while he was temporarily suffering a severely deteriorated mental state as a result of his active service in the military at the time (which new California Penal Code section 1170.91 now says is a mitigating factor that warrants less severe sentencing).


Specifically, Eric was accused and convicted of sexually assaulting two different adult women once each on separate and unrelated occasions. However, both women testified at trial that Eric did not physically injure or harm them in any way during their encounters with him, and the first of the two women even came forward in the year 2002 and confessed (both in writing and in court) that she had lied altogether about what allegedly happened during her encounter with Eric.


Throughout the trial court proceedings, Eric's defense counsel, the prosecution, and the trial court each committed multiple wrongful acts, omissions, and errors that, taken together, substantially prejudiced Eric, were not harmless beyond a reasonable doubt, denied Eric due process of law, equal protection of the law, a fair hearing in a fair tribunal, and other rights secured for criminal defendants by the Constitution and laws of the United States and the State of California, and resulted in a gross miscarriage of justice as defined by clearly established state and federal law.


We, Eric's family members and friends, have 27 very specific reasons that we believe Eric's 98-year sentence is cruel, unusual, excessive, disparate, and otherwise wrongful and unjust. (See, at Anyone may visit our site and see for themselves all the facts and evidence which we believe clearly show the many injustices that surround Eric's conviction, sentence, and continuous incarceration since November 1992.


We ask that any interested persons please at least read our petition and see all the facts and evidence we've posted in our above-referenced Facebook group before ultimately deciding whether or not to help us.


Many people are hoping and praying our petition will help bring Eric home to us after these past 27+ years he's been in prison.


Thank you 


P.S. Please let me know if I may also post this message on your timeline to help draw even more attention to our petition for Eric.


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