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The Mystical Polygraph - More Hocus Pocus

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If anyone does not know, the California Sex Offender Management Board (aka CASOMB) has phone call conferencing open to the public. Well since I’m not only a registrant but a member of the public I thought I’d conference in on their call today about the polygraph and all its wonderness and goodness fantasticness.
What I heard today was a lot of 100% USDA Ground Choice B.S. unfortunately. A lot of Orwellian Doublespeak (1984 book) also present. There were CASOMB people on the call, a few PO’s, and, you guessed it, a few people who make their living off the polygraph. I was the only registrant on the call and I was proud to be there for you. There were a lot of “hum’s” and “you knows”, and a few “pretty much sure of’s” and when I asked the hard questions, the answers were vague and wobbly, “ well you know, “we’re working on making the polygraph better and it’s a work-in-process.” In the mean time, this fallacy of fear and “community safety” they have wreaked havoc on my life, and yours too I’m sure.
Now that I can’t work because of the registry and my record on Google, can’t find a place to live in the city and now I’m in the high desert (cheap and lonely), I have lots of time to be “in search of..” the truth. At this point if my mess of 12 years ago, I now fully understand that they are living in the land of: make this stuff up so we can have jobs and make people feel safe and we can feel important and have a cause to fight for and since before this I was lost and didn’t know what I wanted to do with my psychology degree that I paid for. (a dose of sarcasm)
Some of the hard questions that I posed to them, with sincerity and polite moments of pause of course (don’t wanna come off disrespectful, right?), was one like, “So if the poly is so valid and reliable, why is it that I was told that I was “deceptive” because of my breathing? How is that that not only did I evidently “failed” this question of instance, but then now I fail the whole damn test? Or this question, if the poly is so scientifically valid, where is the evidence of such validity, and then why did the SCOTUS rule it’s not so? More hemming and hawing on that one. I was respectful, but also respectfully asking for a solid answer – more of well it’s a work in process. Really I say?
Not to downplay anyone’s source of comfort in all of life’s stuff that gets thrown at us, death, prison, dumb mistakes, cancer, lost jobs/relationships, you name it, given the long list of things like tarot cards, crystal balls, tea leaves, goat entrails, palm readings, find a penny have good luck, Friday the 13th, we need to be clear that some (I won’t choose here) but are only superstitions, and the polygraph is another. We cannot believe that it works just because some group makes up ‘science’ or some other hocus-pocus. If we don’t come to see what is real and what is not, then they (THEY) can use their magic to manipulate us into believing that their magic box works. Should I know wonder if my breathing is a concern? Do I need more “treatment” or “supervision” or or or… was it done on Friday the 13th?
Even if the poly is say, and it is so not more like only 50/50 chance, 98% valid, would you go to a dentist who is only 98% correct is his or her work? Would you fly a plane with only a 98% chance of landing safely, how about feeding your family with food that is 98% free of pesticides? If they are rating us on their crazy box, and then making decisions about me with 98% validity, I think it’s a joke then and I would fire my doctor. Also poly proponents have a big huge conflict of interest and they don’t advocate for us, they only do for the government.
We must, seriously everyone, we must be clear on what is true and not true if we are going to make it though this mess and keep our sanity. Otherwise, we’ll be like fish taking their fictitious bate with a sharp hook that well not let us go.
If anyone has good sources to point to on this topic, please respond in kind.

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For sound information, please see:   Doug Williams is the Guru of this superstition.  Sound and rational.