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Facing trumped up charges in Savannah GA

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Hi, my name is Reginald and my wife Linda is permanently disabled.  We also have a 13 year old daughter named Robin who is homeschooled.   My wife was hit by a careless driver so she can't handle much stress.

And now, I hired an attorney in this state of Georgia and he convinced me he is capable and is good at what he does.  Well, he requested all the material from the State of California where I'm from.  

But I guess he forgot to review it, because the state of Georgia just issued a "leveling" for me.  Have you heard of that?

In the leveling, the allegations are TOTALLY trumped up and totally bogus.  Completely false.  I can't even believe it!!!   It's chalk full of lies.

Well, the reason I got on the registry in the first place was because of trumped up charges.  Believe me!!   The police beat me up and put words in my mouth by leading me to make a false witness for myself.

The first time I was young and dumb and so they thought I would lay down and die this second time again.  But I'm not the same person as I was when I was young.

This town has a prison and I guess they feel like filling it.  I guess they don't like my politics.  I guess they don't like how I stand against the registry.

So anyone know what I should do?  Apparently I have 30 days to respond to this ticket.  

I was going to hire a civil rights attorney.  It seems that civil rights is the way to go for this type of injury.

Anyone know of any other procedures or ways to make an attorney think better?

Anyone else faced false allegations like this and recovered?



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I hate to hear that but the review board leveling is a joke. They use such weird stuff against you like if you haven't been married or in a committed relationship for 3 years you get a black mark. Ask for a judicial review. Doing a regular board review will get you nowhere or worse. They have been known to raise a person's level when they appealed a level assessment. You need a lawyer that is experienced in doing this. The one I know of is in the Atlanta area but did recently successfully reverse a level by the board using judicial review.

Definitely appeal ASAP. The clock is ticking. I would ask the lawyer you have about his experience in these type of cases. He needs to research any recent appeals of leveling or removal. You might be eligible for removal depending on your situation.