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I feel like a failure  


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01/10/2019 1:31 pm  

I am the mother, of a son, on the registry.  My oldest son, has a learning disability, and has been diagnosed with ADHD, since he was 5.  When he was 19, he was questioned about his girlfriend, at the time.  He wasn’t home with me, when this happened, so he answered all questions, no lawyer.  The girl lied about her age.  The police left, with no arrests, and I heard about it through, his father’s girlfriend, where he was, because she thought that I should know, what happened.  Two years, they did not arrest him, but waited, until, he was 21, and a few weeks, after, I got him to graduate high school, to come, and arrest him.  I was now locked out, of all conversations.  The system, then went on to judge my son, based on his age, although he wasn’t, and isn’t mentally there.  My son deals with depression, and has for some time, so this has not been easy.  After spending two months in jail, until he plead, because they said he was a flight risk, although he was free, for two years, previously, and didn’t,  getting attacked, by older, and bigger males, in the jail, they released him, and he was able to come stay with me, until sentencing, for three months.  After sentencing, he was banned from our house, because we are 987 feet from a school, SMH.  This put my son in the streets.  He wasn’t ready.  No one else, would take him in.  He ended up, at the shelter, in the inner city, and has remained there, since February 2019.  No luck on housing, or jobs.  Jobs called, but once they do the background check, it’s over.  My son, will not reoffend, and shouldn’t have to deal with this, when a murderer,  and armed robber, can get out, and blend right back into society.  I am more concerned with what they would do, because they have a higher chance to reoffend, but they have no registry.  The registry, is not fair, and needs to go.  It hurts more than the offender.  It hurts their families.

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07/10/2019 2:31 am  

You know nobody is a failure. Yes we all have principals even government. Do you think I want sex offender on my legacy. I'm sure nobody wants that. Sure I have three more years to go on my 10 probation but one has to say in many of these ordeals who is judging another. From the simple con such as the internet sex sting to even something more of a physical nature and up close. Are many being taken advantage of by the system or by these men in blue that tend to have a backbone but when truth comes to truth they want to outcast one that is weak or trample over one's rights, common sense, in this fear factor that mankind induces in many ways.  Man cannot prevent anything or do they pervert to prevent in much of this callous ordeal. I hope ewe all hold bible belief's and yes nobody is perfect but unjust punishment is unjust.

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08/10/2019 1:32 am  


Thank you, for your input.  Sorry, that you are dealing, as well.  I pray, the madness ends.