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@heartsickmom Contact LRIDD as they are a nationwide advocacy organization for families with citizens required to register who have some form of autism or learning disability.

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Thank you.  I've already spoken with Brian and he gave me some referrals.  Hoping for a Hail Mary before Monday, but not feeling very optimistic.  I reached out to our local legislators -- one never returned my call, the other said that the laws 'are fine' and no changes need to be made.  Grrr.

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@heartsickmom Email me the contact information for the legislators

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@yogi12 the love of my life is facing 10+ years for ONE unsolicited picture sent to him!!

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I need help understanding PA sex offender laws. Are tier 1 offenders allowed unsupervised around children? 

I have a VERY biased judge who ruled on a PFA regarding my fiancé and my children.  Can I get a new judge to hear this case when I try to undo the PFA? 

Can anyone recommend a good and knowledgeable attorney for this?

Because of this PFA, my fiancé cannot live with me and my children and we want so badly to be a family. I need help.  I need resources.  I am hopeless and want to undo this.

**My story is below for context***

First, I appreciate you all and this cause.  I found WAR this morning.  The registry and general misinformation regarding sexual offenses and offenders has impacted mine and my children's lives greatly.


I need help.  I need information, guidance, and knowledge.  No one around me seems to know anything on this topic or is too bogged down by bias to care.


My ex-husband and I were in the middle of divorce proceedings when he decided that he suddenly had a problem with my then-boyfriend (now fiancé).  


My fiancé was charged with possession of child pornography in Illinois in 2018.  He did not serve any jail time but he was on probation for 3 years.  He has to register. His wife left him and took their daughter with her. He moved to PA to be with his family.

He had thousands of images.  He has been addicted to pornography for years at that point.  His images included teens and some pre-pubescent minors.  He assures me, that he was only interested in the teens at the time (he was in his mid-twenties when he was looking at these images) and I believe him.  He says that the imagines he downloaded came in bulk and he was in no way interested in pre-pubescent children.  I believe him.  When he and I began seeing each other more seriously, he told me about what happened.  This concerned me.  I have two children (5 and 7 years old).  I told him I would only continue seeing him if his story proved to be true. I am a teacher and a damn good mother.  I don't take this lightly.

I met with his treatment psychologist.  She showed me his evaluations.  Both her professional opinion and the assessments show that, at the time, he was only sexually interested in teenagers, which according to her professional opinion, is normal for adult males.  He finished his probation without issue.  He willingly continues to see his psych and willingly attends sex addiction groups monthly.  His crime was one that came from porn addiction. He no longer watches porn.  I am very proud of him. 

After I had known him for almost a year, I wanted to bring him around my children.  I told my ex-husband about his background and he said he was ok with my fiancé being around the children.  That he "trusted" me and my judgment. 

Our divorce got kind of nasty and at the same time, my fiancé started a battle with his ex-wife to win back unsupervised (or supervised by someone other than his ex) visitation with his daughter. His ex belittles him and degrades him in front of his daughter and he knows that if he is ever going to have a good relationship with her, he needs a different supervisor or unsupervised visits.  Supervision by her wasn't required by a court for his visits, but when he initially got divorced, his ex bullied him into agreeing to his and he did this just to keep the peace and because he was overwhelmed with his pending charges. He is simply trying to undo his mistakes and be a good dad.

His ex-wife retaliated by tracking down my ex-husband and convincing him that my fiancé is a pedophile and dangerous. This was very convenient for him as he was very angry with me at the time.  She convinced him to file a PFA against my fiancé based solely on his over half a decade-old charges. We got a VERY unsympathetic judge who didn't even allow the hearing and made the decision that my fiancé can be around my children but not spend the night.

We can't live together or be a real family now because of this order.

We need help, please.  We need hope. He is a good man and a better father to my children than their own dad who abandoned them and moved to another state to live with a girlfriend he had known for 3 months.


Thank you all.

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