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Looking for Guidance.

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I am looking for any guidance.  My husband was convicted 10 years ago (prior to us meeting) of a "sex" crime.  It was a statutory situation.  He was to register for 10 years.  We were excited that this June was his last time having to go in for his registration.  And in October he was to be done.  He was even told by the Sheriff that he would be done in October and he would not have to come in any more.  Well a month goes by and then we get a letter from the Sheriffs office that states that he is a 25 yr registrant.  But in the 10 years he has been registering, he has never gotten any notice of this.  He was only charged with a Misdemeanor.  On everything that I can locate he is considered a Tier 1 offender.  And everything only states that he is to register for 10 yrs.  

We are going to find an attorney, but does anyone know how or why this could happen.  This news has sent my husband for a loop and like most offenders he feels like he is not allowed to have a life or do anything.  And this news has really got him upset. 

Any help or guidance is appreciated.   

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I hope you found a good lawyer.

It sounds like new sorna laws were passed and applied retroactively. The retroactive part was fought and won in PA. Hopefully other states follow suit.

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You need to hire an attorney for this to be removed. The state will not automatically remove the additional time. A law was passed that this is unconstitutional to apply additional punishment if it was not done at the time of his sentencing. Hire an attorney and he can get this removed.

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What state are you in? and yes, I agree you need to hire an attorney. Also go to the State Sex Offender website and see if you can find any laws about this.