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13/11/2018 6:11 pm  

I am leaving this story for someone who wants to remain anonymous....

My son Jonathan was arrested on August 25th, 2014 for possession of child pornography. We explained to his lawyer that he had just bought the computer on line a month prior and that the he had an open WIFI. His lawyer (public defender) showed no interest of helping him and just wanted him to take a plea bargain but my son refused. My son took a polygraph test and passed it with flying colors, he took a forensic psychological sexual test and also passed it with a 100% showing that his mind did not think like a pedophiles mind and his lawyer still refused to show the test results to the prosecutor. We asked to hire a forensic computer specialist to view his computer and to see the dates to when those pictures were installed in to the computer and the lawyer refused to let us hire one, without his approval the prosecutor would not turn over the computer. We even showed him a big mistake on the affidavit for a search warrant that the FBI turned in to the judge to have signed, to which it was dated August 15th 2014 and he stated that on August 28th 2014 he recovered a disk from my son showing that he was in possession of child pornography and we explained how did he have it 2 weeks in advance and the lawyer just said that it was a simple typo. He went through 3 public defenders in less than 2 years, the second one retired after only a month and a half. When he got the new public defender, he met with my son once before court then explained to the judge that they were ready for trial. Throughout the course of many court hearings he had one judge the expressed that the case and the charges didn't seem right, she was supposed to be the judge for his trial and my son’s attorney and the prosecutor quickly filed a motion to have her replaced. My son ended up getting 272 years in a maximum prison here in Arizona where he is in solitary confinement, he has never been arrested, gotten in to trouble or even gotten a parking ticket. There are murders and actual child molesters who have molested and raped children who get less time and my son has received a double life sentence for crimes that he didn't commit for pictures that were not even his. We need your help, we have not talked to him or seen him in over 2 months and my son has no business being in prison.

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13/11/2018 6:33 pm  

THIS IS INSANE!!  HORRIBLE!!  Contact the news? anyone? get this story out there. That lawyer sounds terrible. How is this even possible??  I feel so bad for you. I would say Dr. Phil but he seems like an ass and is usually condescending of anyone accused of a sex offender crime. Do not give up hope.  and Solitary Confinement??!! for what!?! Time for a new lawyer! im so sorry. Sounds like you have a good case though. 

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14/11/2018 4:10 am  

I am so sorry that this is happening to you. Sex offender "laws" do not really seem, to me at least, to follow any lines of logic; they often seem arbitrary and subject to the whim of whomever has "the power" and their personal political and religious agendas  ie -whatever puts the most money in their pockets... and what state, what county and what city you live in.

Family members remember that we still hold some power, I guess- with our vote. Before they take that away too. We can elect local judges and prosecuting attorneys, hell... someone with some  guts could even run for city council or a state representative of your district and bring this matter to Washington DC... as with all the current accusations being thrown around; like Kavannaugh, they've seen no one is immune to dirty  moves and bringing up stuff that happened between two teenagers, over 30 years ago? really?  Who will be next?

  Whats the worst that can happen to  me and my family? ... the worst would be my husband  losing his "freedom"( the "RSO" forced to plea bargain for his freedom because of a pack of lies) or myself... lets see... what is the worst that could happen to ME?? oh.. I dunno... maybe being set up just like the OP's son, but for playing NEOPETS in 2005 when my then 17 year old daughter, who also played, suggested I would enjoy playing the games, which I did really enjoy and it really soothed me and got my mind off the possibility that I may die.. which now I wish I had... as I went thru rounds of chemotherapy and ATRA to save my life,  while I was recovering from APL leukemia. I don't know what they could possibly accuse me of..... earning two neoquest 1 trophies, one neoquest 2 trophy , imperial spelling champion and Hasse Bounce second place.... among other awesome achievements, but I am sure with the right wing religiosity  political agendas and their subsequent  hypocritical behaviors they  will just accuse me of being a pedophile hanging out on neopets.  So here is your chance, as I am sure this forum is monitored ... maybe even the FBI.... who knows?

It sounds like you have a good case, and you would benefit from a good lawyer, but I know firsthand it's hard to find one who will work clients financially, like if you do not have 5k to just hand over at once. I did notice some listed on this web site, and that's a positive step in the right direction in my opinion. I know if I were a lawyer, I would be very interested in this subject and in finding strong cases, pro bono, to use for State Supreme Court rulings... as at this point neither my husband or myself ( or his current p.o. officer) knows WHAT exactly are the rules for travel within the state and other important personal matters. It seems to be up to the whim of whomever is in charge, and for the past 7 years, and his three prior P.O. Officers have all been alright and everything has been basically okay, except for the new crazy story aka LIE in 2015 that got him on the states child maltreatment registry, but now there is a new " supervisor"  at some remote sight in the state that seems to being going by the book; as now posted on the local P.O. office door there is a sign which basically reads:  travel permits for non sex offender needs two day  ahead of time processing. For sex  offenders there is a FIVE DAY ahead of time application. This seems arbitrary and unjust.


Anyway, good luck with finding a  lawyer. That is horrible that they would give your son hundreds of years and solitary confinement for  something like that, that he didn't even do... hell... even if he did do it... this is cruel and unusual punishment for ANYBODY forced to plea and or convicted.. even if the charges ARE true... I mean if they do this to your son, what are they going to do with that man in Springfield, Missouri a few years back?  I never heard. I try to keep my head in the sand; as it stresses me out greatly and adversely effects my and my husbands  mental health. IF they are halfway intelligent  they'd commit him and try to work with him to find out what happened to him that this wound up happening. That would be useful. Not frying him. and while I am being a snap queen- Not public registries that inspire hysteria either.

I am rambling, so I will just stop now. I know I sound very angry. I am, and justly so. Ultimately anger is just sad's bodyguard. Sad but true. We live in a violent dysfunctional society that tries to brainwash people into thinking that healthcare is a socialist plot and actual war is okay.  I am home. I am in control of myself, and I am okay... but I have a lot of anger and sadness to the point where I am becoming very fatalistic and just feel like I have snapped and gone over the edge into madness.

Ive lost jobs over this. Ive been singled out by corrupt local law enforcement over this. I have been harassed over this. I have been shunned and excluded over this.  We have been ripped off  and given poor service over this. We have had vandalism at our home over this. Law enforcement refuses to charge the woman who brought all of this down because of MONEY and GREED, even thou I have proof from the bank. They are corrupt.  The whole town is corrupt. and yes. that's what I said.

Today is my birthday. My husbands is in a few days.  Happy belated birthday Vicki Henry.


and I apologize for ranting about my pain, when you are also in great pain. I'm not trying to hijack your thread : )

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