March 2023 Conference Ticket Pre-Order form

The countdown clock has begun and it’s full speed ahead to the BIG events in March 2023. The first thing we need to do is to plan the conference (scheduled for March 5 and 6), followed by the vigil on March 7. 

The Doubletree Hotel in Crystal City, Virginia, has been selected as the location for the March 2023 conference.  The hotel is located at 300 Army Navy Drive near National Airport.  There is a free shuttle bus between the hotel and that airport.
Click here to reserve your room in our block.

During the conference, you will hear a new generation of speakers on a variety of topics beginning with where we want to go from here and what is needed to get us there. 

The conference will provide the opportunity to network, socialize and trade notes with registered persons, supportive family members, and experts in the field from multiple states. This is a chance for all of us to help ourselves, to help each other, and to help this cause.

It’s important for people required to register, family members and supporters to know that Washington, D.C., does not require people who are visiting to register.  In addition, the state of Virginia does not require people who are visiting for less than 30 days to register. Please check with your local registration office to see if you are required to notify them if you are planning to leave your residence for one day or more. 

Conference Early sign-up Opportunity 

In order to make an effective plan, we need to know the number of people who plan to attend the conference. The answer to that question comes from YOU.  Therefore, we are asking you to Pre-Order tickets now for the conference that will take place in March, 2023.  

— Your $40 Pre-Order fee is worth $40 off the conference price.

— Your $40 Pre-Order fee is non-refundable however, if you subsequently cannot attend, your Pre-Order fee will help to finance our Scholarship Fund.  Part of the Scholarship Fund will make it possible for those that can not afford to attend, to still be able to attend with a full scholarship.  The remaining part of the Scholarship fund will reduce the conference ticket price for everyone by helping pay the many expenses to rent the space, equipment, materials, and services that the hotel provides to make the conference possible.  

— Those who cannot afford to pre-order a ticket can apply for scholarship funds to help with expenses (stay tuned for more information).

— The discounted early sign-up deadline was June 30, 2022, so pre-orders now are $40 each.

Sign-up now!!!

Thank you in advance for signing up for the March 2023 conference in Washington, D.C.


How to sign up

  1. Scroll down to choose the number from 0 to 4 tickets to pre-order
  2. Fill in all billing information fields
  3. Enter a scholarship donation amount or enter 0 (zero) if none.
  4. Click on “Next“.
  5. Supply information for each person in your pre-order form, then click “Next“
  6. Read the information on the last page and indicate that you are a human (not a robot), then click “Submit“
  7. Enter your payment information on the “” official page and click “Pay”. If everything is good the pay button should change to a green check mark and return you to the prior page.
  8. Remain there, don’t click on anything, and wait for the confirmation message to appear.  Then after making note of your confirmation number, you may click anywhere that you would like to go next.
  9. Within a few minutes you will receive an email (at the billing email address that you provided) containing your receipt for the pre-order.
  10. Please read the receipt carefully and if you have any questions, send an email to


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