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Public Safety Research: Facts To Replace Hysteria

It takes guts to sift through the data about the hot-button political issue of sex offender recidivism and look calmly and methodically for the truth about recidivism rates.  One of the original creators of the well-known Static-99/Static-99R, R.


English Family’s Upheaval: The nuances of law

A woman in the United Kingdom reports that since that fateful knock on the door to the present, life, indeed has been difficult.  With the goal of protecting her husband’s emotional state and normalizing life for herself and


Analogies: A Powerful Way To Change Perception

When an entrapment case, a one-time lapse of judgment, prison time/probation/parole, and lifelong monitoring come under discussion, a veteran Registered Citizen suggests an analogy may help put things in perspective when emotions are in the way. He offers


Post-Incarceration Commitment: Injustice & Waste

Virginia State Senator Joe Morrissey and Delegate Patrick Hope discussed their effort to end laws that impact individuals categorized as violent sexual predators. Their proposed legislation would seek to end the costly practice of civilly committing these people


Katie & Charlie’s Story: Disruption of Family Life

My story is one of a family who has suffered through ongoing harassment by the police, my neighbors, and the community at large.  The registry has been used to put a target on our backs – all of


Covid-19 in Texas Prison: A Son Suffers Alone

Her  37-year-old son had sepsis, kidney failure, and had been intubated due to respiratory failure caused by Covid-19 in a Texas prison, according to his mother in correspondence with WAR. She heard about his severe illness only after


Shadow Prisoners: Involuntarily Committed Risking Covid-19 in Overcrowded Facilities

The  coronavirus pandemic is a global emergency. Persons in overcrowded facilities are in peril as Covid-19 quietly invades. Human rights organizations have called on officials to release persons from the traditional legal system but have overlooked people confined


Justice Roundtable. As High as 88% COVID-19 Infection Rate Reported at Some Facilities

Protecting vulnerable populations, including people incarcerated in the range of carceral settings nationwide, is paramount during the Covid-19 assault.  The criminal legal system disproportionately impacts Black, Latinx, and low-income communities as well as other underrepresented and marginalized groups,


De-Stigmatizing Language: Use It. Spread It.

Society refers to those who have committed a sex offense as a sex offender: as if that person always has been and always will be an offender.  If you stole a candy bar from a convenience store as


Attention Virginians: Action Needed ASAP

A Special Session of the Virginia State Legislature is taking up justice reform legislation.  Contact your Senators and Delegates quickly to register your support for HB1532 which “Establishes a four-level classification system for the awarding and calculation of


SEO Expertise Needed: Do Something You Love To Promote Justice and Safeguard Family Life

 The War Call Newsletter is seeking a Volunteer with Search Engine Optimization talent to pull us into the 21st Century.  We use WordPress.  We’d like your help getting noticed by using SEO Yoast, and to facilitate social media

NOVA: Looking for Interview Subjects

The popular PBS program NOVA  series is looking for interview subjects.   NOVA reporter Michael Pope is looking for people who were sentenced to jail or prison based on a mandatory minimum, particularly sentences that seem “outrageous” or “significant.” 


Colorado Sex Offender Management Board Members Caught: Contracts Worth Millions of Dollars Annually

Colorado Watch writes that a “scathing” State Auditor’s report put a spotlight on contracts worth millions of dollars. Certain members of the Sex Offender Management Board were found to have benefited their own firms by making standards and



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