Registrants International Family Petitions Group

There is a new group forming especially for those registrants that have filed petitions with USCIS to bring a loved one to the united states.  Currently the policy of USCIS is to deny any petition that is filed by a registrant unless they can prove beyond a doubt that they are no risk to the beneficiary of the petition.  As it is impossible to prove that any person is of no risk, it is even more difficult for a former sex offender to prove it even if it is true.  Many have tried and failed and as I understand it a few have been successful. This is a discussion group for those registrants who are trying and for those that have had past success or failures, to talk about what works and what does not work.  I encourage registrants that are in or have been in this situation to please join this group by clicking the link below.

Registrants International Family Petitions Group

Also please visit this web site dedicated to this issue

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