Destroying Families

My husband was a teacher for over 8 years. Never been arrested in his life. He made a huge mistake and slept with a 17 yr old student. He pled guilty, lost his career reputation, and spent 3 years in prison.  We sought intense counseling, since all of our lives are forever changed. Because of the registry he is not allowed to be home at our home we’ve owned for over 10 years. He cannot come home to do the work to repair the time he’s lost with our youngest child. He is my primary caregiver I’m disabled with MS. Now I have no one. He had been evaluated by the top sexual therapist in Oregon who has stated he is not nor has he ever been a danger to his child. Our family has endured so much. He has served his time it’s almost as if until each one of us are completely destroyed the goal of this registry will not be met.

Thank you

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