The Right To Reputation in Pennsylvania

The Right To Reputation – Who Knew?
This is an article put out by the Pennsylvania Appeals court that outlines how Pennsylvania Legislators ignored the Pennsylvania Constitution (Right To Reputation) and through a series of non-laws managed to imprison thousands of Pennsylvania citizens. Each Megan’s law, I, II, III, IV SORNA, was ruled on by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court as having never been Constitutionally enacted into laws. But, those imprisoned on the laws were NOT released. No sex offenders classes ended, where you either answer all questions without Attorney, or it was prison! It was done to me.

I took the allegiance to defend our Country and Constitution from all enemies, both foreign and domestic before getting on that plane for Vietnam. The domestic enemy is the government that violated its own Constitution in order to imprison undesirables, another form of Ethnic Cleansing – Pennsylvania style, the last time this happened was WWII. Wasn’t that a lesson to us all.

Please help restore our lives.

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