My son chose to take a plea to see his son

My son is a teacher. Let me point out that he was not the teacher nor taught in the same school district as the foreign exchange student or the accuser.

My son and his wife took in a foreign exchange student, that did not speak good English. The exchange student made many friends including a young girl I will call Sally (not her real name). Sally came from a home that was not good, was left alone a lot without food. My son and daughter-in-law were not ready to be parents of teenagers and had a young son in the home. Sally became obsessed with my son, coming over all the time, confiding that she had been raped, and how bad her home life was. She would call at 3 AM in the morning saying she was going to kill herself all the time. Last Feb she did that again and instead of my son calling the police, he went over to her house to check on her. Her dad came home and the police were called. Three weeks later he was arrested for sodomy and other charges he did not do. Because he was alone with her (drove her home from his house) it was a “he said she said” with some phone texts that were taken out of context.

In our state, Kansas, at a jury trial, the prosecutor only had to prove it could have happened, most likely would have happened, or it did happen. My son took the plea without knowing all the things he would face after his release. The Judge gave him 34 months in prison, he has to register for 25 years, and lifetime supervision. The judge did not care that after getting fired from his teaching job he found another job nor that his wife is pregnant with their second child. My son took the plea because a jury trial was too great of a risk and he wanted to watch his son grow up. Now after all my research no one told him there might be a chance he will not be able to live with his family. All he wants is to live with his family and be left alone. Due to the girl being a minor any pictures she had on social media saying “your daddies house I am a delf hunter,” the fact that she did drugs, or was being expelled from school can be used. We were not even able to make her take any polygraph test at all. My son did pass his polygraph and psychosexual tests. The District Attorney said that did not matter his deal would not get any better. I am heartbroken. There needs to be changes, and more consistent punishments. There was another teacher that had the same charges and he got probation. Depends on the DA and the county.

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2 thoughts on “My son chose to take a plea to see his son

  1. I’ve read many situations that involve a lack of information about the long term effects. In addition, very few people realize that rules can be applied retroactive. Either lawyers don’t know, or choose not to disclose just to get the case over. I was told that if I took a plea deal, I would not have to register. Before I got out of court, my registration was filled out. This is an unjust abuse of the law. State and Federal Legislators need to be informed that people are going to court, thinking a deal is in the system only to find out that the “deal” wasn’t real. Support WAR and get a hold of legislators to voice against this abuse.

    1. While plea deals seem to be the norm today they are a type of compromise implied in a suggestive type way. i didn’t have a lawyer but a public attorney gave me a written letter saying I was not violent as they (authorities) suggested. Furthermore the public attorney said thats about all I can do for you. Here I was looking at prison and the next minute when the detective suggested if I plead guilty things would be alright

      Well I am off my probation but the branding is still there and the quarterly fingerprinting by mail and thats for life until the dream team group and other advocates get some positive results in D.C. in a week or so. Lets all pray that good will come out of bad.

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