The Registry is Extortion and Unconstitional

SORNA is extortion. It should be illegal. It was designed as a knee-jerk response to worst-case scenarios in two states (with two of the precedent cases being out of Florida). It has gained gross overreach and is extended well beyond the level of propriety. Your personal information is offered to the world, in violation of constitutional protections, and you are expected to update it and pay for the privilege of this violation well beyond parole. Mine is a lifetime registry for what would be considered domestic violence as recently as the 1990s.
Failure to register is a new felony. You haven’t hurt another human being, you didn’t kill anyone, deal drugs, commit espionage, rob a house, or commit an act of treason. You merely didn’t sell the world all of your personal information in an arbitrary time frame. As a byproduct of the registry, you are treated poorly by cops and busybodies, you are denied housing and jobs, and all areas of your life are adversely affected.

In my case, for a singular incident with extensive extenuating circumstances and long background of contention, I am held in the same light as Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Daumer by the general public until my dying day. Though the person I chose to victimize was an ex-girlfriend with an extensive history of contention. I am regarded by my parole officer and everyone else as if I were a serial child rapist and murderer. In addition, I am held to the parole standards of a child sex crime because of circumstances in my early twenties that are now getting legal backlash to aid those in Romeo & Juliet situations.

I was incarcerated with an individual who wouldn’t let his girlfriend out of the car while they were arguing and is now being required to register as a kidnapper on the registry designed for at-risk pedophilic activity.
Lifelong criminals in street gangs and the drug culture are not held to this standard, nor are those who have actually taken a life. These cultures are fueled by products of non-domestic criminal organizations that regularly deal in human trafficking. In their hypocrisy (even with the depravity in the meth culture) they believe they are better and different.

It is time this unconstitutional extortion be eliminated or dialed back for its original purpose to appease the bloodthirsty mob that counts themselves more civilized that the raging horde in Salem. This tool has not been effective in prevention, as non-registered persons are the most likely to offend, not those who have been browbeaten and abused by the system during their already excessive punishments and restrictions.

Alex and I had a lot of drama between us with her many attempts in our ‘breaks’ of character assassination with massive slander campaigns that eventually cost me everything. Our relationship of four years was a ‘stick together for the kid’ situation. During the duration, I experienced emasculation, derogatory sexism, berating, belittling, and alienation from friends. I lost my social support and career as a result of her vindictiveness. She used to brag about her ex-boyfriends having a club/support group when she decimated their lives after the dissolution of her union. Her backbiting, slander, vindictiveness, goading, and Machiavellian social subversion knew no bounds and seemed to be a game for her.

I lost my father’s insurance when I turned 26, and most jobs required 90 days to be eligible for insurance. As a result, I lost my mental health medication two months before my crime. I was working graveyard shifts, which aggravates most mental illnesses. When I confronted her about her tactics, she was evasive and aggressive. Through her calculating means, she managed to paint herself a martyr and rockstar in the new political paradigm.

In prison, I was abused by staff and inmates alike for 13 years. I am on lifetime parole and registry. My public defender made it seem like taking the plea would only have me doing six years and three on parole and registry. After the ink dried, he said the board is God now. With the recommendation of my SOTP therapist, I have been treated as a pedophile for relations in my early 20s that were previously protected under Romeo and Juliet laws that are now being dialed back. As a result, my fiancé and I have no social life, and no leisure activity, and are forced to live with a dysfunctional family. My excessive consequences extend to those I know and live with. It has caused us duress and financial issues. It aggravates high-risk situations way more than it mitigates.

I left prison with optimism for penance to society. I was going to rebuild my life. Now I see I am a marginalized demographic that will never rise above our station and that the status quo is apathetic to restoring our constitutional rights. African Americans were the last demographic to be openly treated thusly pre-1960s human rights movements.
What citizens fail to see is the precedent for these human rights and constitutional violations to extend to them.

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