One wrong decision costed me more than anything

June 27, 2019.
This is my story of how I ended up being on the registry in Iowa.
I found out my girlfriend’s daughter was smoking cigarettes all over the house. I told her mother at the time. She is now my ex-girlfriend. She and I smoked outside only. I was finding ashes in places in the house where we didn’t smoke. Living room by the windows, bedrooms everywhere I look by the windows. Again I told her mom she said if I didn’t have proof it didn’t happen. So I up my chances of catching her smoking. My big mistake. I set up a recording device to catch her smoking. I started where I saw the most ashes. No luck. I tried a few more times in other places, no luck. Then I did what I shouldn’t have done. I set it up on a window in the bathroom I didn’t catch her smoking but caught something else on the recording device. when I replayed the recording and I saw what was going on I stopped and destroyed it. I went a talk to my ex about all of this. We moved on. Didn’t talk about it at all.

About 3 years later we separated from each other and went about our own lives. Four months later I was served with a search warrant for all electronic devices. I was lost at that point. The cop wanted to talk to me at the station so I met them there. Big mistake on my part. They started asking about videos and if I had ever tried to catch my girlfriend’s daughter showering. I told them no. Then I told them that I tried to catch her smoking. That is all it took. They had what they wanted at that point.

It didn’t dawn on me till I was talking to my dad about it. He told me to get an attorney NOW! I did what he recommended. TThis is where the nightmares started for me. I was charged with invasion of privacy Then 11 months later I was charged again for inappropriate contact with my ex’s daughter. Four charges times two charges so 8 total plus the invasion of privacy on top. I was confused about the new charges. My attorney said the daughter said I had touched her 4 times over a year’s time frame. I kept saying that was not true. It was bull.

I ended up going through everything that comes with the charges; court hearings, deposition hearings, all of it. I was and still am a wreck to this day. My Attorney did what I paid them to do to clear my name the best he could but that damage was done. I basically admitted to the cops on the invasion of privacy charge. NOTE to others: Never talk to a cop without an attorney there, NEVER. I learned the hard way. I would end up with a plea deal out of all of it if I pleaded no contest to the privacy charge. So, I did at the recommendation of my attorney. Beginning November 22, 2021 I have to register for 10 years as a tier 2 offender, 5 years probation, and treatment.

I have no prior record at all. That was not taken into consideration at all. This has affected my life in so many ways and my family’s lives in many ways. I can’t be around most of my family due to them having kids under the age of 18. I lost many of the friends that I had. All because of one wrong decision I made. I have to live with that. The biggest lesson I learned out of all of this is don’t try to catch a kid smoking let them get caught themselves especially when the mother doesn’t want to believe that they are.

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