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Indiana Latest movement on SORNA and no entry law  


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14/12/2018 2:22 am  

I advise all of you to look into the case of Indiana Vs. Kirby where a father of a son who was originally allowed to participate in his son's school activities was then because of the no entry law attached to the Indiana SORNA law. Mr. Kirby fought this by attacking his original conviction through a EX POST FACTO claim ( as you know if you are affected by this is a loosing argument in all courts). However the court did advise him that his argument did hold merit under a collateral claim in civil court. I was very happy to hear that MR. Kirby won that initial lower civil court hearing. However the state did appeal (on to keep the SORNA agenda) If you go to MY IN CASE website you can look and read both the states argument and Mr. Kirby's reply. The State makes a very very week argument as it opening statement which in my legal experience tells me that they are grasping at straws. I am as a Single Father required to register intently watching the outcome of this.

Also the Indiana Court of Appeals did something very rare in its closing order. For the first time that I am aware of they laid down the argument that SORNA and all State required registries could be a continuation of punishment. This goes as you should all be aware of against the argument that SORNA is for the protection of the citizenship, and not in anyway to further punish anyone required to register. I am currently seeking anyone else who may wish to bring this to a Class action Law suit against the SORNA laws in Federal Court. I willing wait to hear from anyone who has either guidance or experience in this. I am currently fighting the same argument as MR. Kirby in Indiana. I must always ask the question that yes they Government took my rights from me does that also allow them to take my Son's rights from him? does he not have rights as my son as a US citizen  ??


Thank you all and remember 2 things #1 bad laws harm everyone, and #2 nothing ever changes if you don't challenge the Status quo.


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