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My husband was basically told he was unhireable  


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02/10/2018 9:54 am  

For the past few months my husband has gone to a machinist school based on the recomendation of his counselor. He is off his 5 year probation now and no longer has to see his counselor.

Anyhow he finished his training and applied to 30 some companies. Out of the 30 he had only 3 interviews all of them said they decided to hire someone else. One company still has an ad out looking for people.

I suggested he go to a temp service. I thought they would know what companies would be willing to give him a chance. I was thinking production work. I know they work with many different types of companies and jobs.

The lady at the temp service down out right told him that they could not hire him because he was on megans law. 

I'm wondering if this is legal to discriminate based on just being on the regestry. No more backround needed to see the extent of the crime. It doesn't matter if it was a felony or misdometer, or what was done. It doesn't matter how long ago it happened, because everything is treated like it happeded yesterday. 

Now I'm assuming all temp services will be the same. 

He is now crawling back to a previous company in auto mechanics to see if he can get rehired. He worked for them shortly after he got out. He left because of low pay and a lot of shinganians by other co-workers. One that almost got him in trouble with the state since the co-worker forged his signature on an inspection sticker. The co-worker is in jail because of that and other crimes.

Sometimes it is tough. Yes I have a lot of stories. I'm hanging in there. I'm his main support right now. Without me I believe he would be homeless and broken not caring what happened to him.

I was married before the incident and stayed married afterwards. Going on 20 yrs now.

I hope things bet better for everyone soon. Would love to see the regestry disappear.

Ps. moderators it was a pain in the butt to find out how to add a new topic. That should be a lot more obvious. 

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 Judy Burke
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24/10/2018 4:51 pm  

I am so sorry this happened to your family. I was a Special Education teacher of high school students for 22 years. After my conviction, I had a hard time finding a job and finally got one at JCPenney's working in the window covering department wayyyyyy at the back of the store where most of the time, kids didn't venture into. I was a great salesperson and made enough money to survive, besides helping my self-esteem. After a year and 4 months, one of the local new channels came out with a story "Do you know where your local S. O. works?' and named me with my picture along with 2 others who worked at Penney's. We were all fired immediately even though they had been there longer than me!

I was then hired as a secretary in an office machine supply company. They did a background check of course, and I didn't think it would matter. NO KIDS  came into the office. I was fired after one week, one day and one hour and the boss called the county sheriff to wait in the parking lot for me to leave and make sure I didn't go postal.

It is very sad and needs to change!