membership made me lose my rights

I signed up for a membership on  I replied to an ad of one of the discreet 21-year-old women.  I talked to her through an email once.  She wanted to meet, so I set it up later that night at Stewart’s.  She never showed up so I went to Walmart to buy laundry detergent for my washer and a couple of other things for my house.  She then calls tells me she was sorry and she wants to meet now. So I ask her if she needs anything at the store.  She said get lube and condoms so I get a bottle and some condoms on sale like a box of 24 or so only because I was just divorced and felt like I would need them rather safe than sorry.   I pick her up at her house. We called up hotels they were highly priced so she takes me to an abandoned place in a parking lot near her house said was a safe spot. I went down on her and then she put a condom on me and asked for the lube. She got on top of me reverse cowboy style and right when she did the cops pulled up.  I got arrested for second degree rape and served 2 years behind bars then 10 years post supervision. I lost my house assessed at 200,000 I lost my daughter, all my belongings, my 7 year job at Home Depot. My iPhone 4s had all the evidence and it wasn’t used.  Supposedly my iPhone was lost I couldn’t retrieve it. The cops switched my statement and said I was on top of her which wasn’t true. The news slandered me. Still to this day I am registering as a sex offender.  I fought in court go get my level to a number 1. For 6 years I have been trying to get a job and I can’t . I was denied school at some colleges because of this. I got h to o the point that I wanted to just end it all. Now I take meds to stay undepressed I keep filling out applications and hope one day I can work again all this happened because of a girl lying about her age I don’t even know how she got on the site you needed ID and a credit card to make a profile. I paid. 80 dollars for mine.

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