Polygraph and Punitive Justice System.

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My story…….being on probation and the punitive justice system.

Actually, what happened is I was having trouble passing my polygraphs, I believed I failed 6 poly in total. I tried telling my PO and therapist it’s mostly likely due to my asthma and barrette’s esophagus.


and mental health issues. It was friendly reminder at the beginning then as time went on they started to create stress on me to pass the poly. I new if I keep failing I end up in jail. After then they started using the poly results as a compelling weapon. Then they used it as an excuse to interrogate me…this is when I emotionally broke down. fast forward 15 minutes in. This is the recording


After that I was traumatized by the whole situation so I spoke with my mental health provider to assign me anxiety pills to help me cope with the polygraph. My objective was to use the pills for my mental health and help me relax. I also had my therapist from my mental health provider (not part of probation) a letter to the judge explaining these issues.


So after taking my meds for a while and experimenting with different kinds of depressants. I had suicidal thoughts with one medication and ending up on suicide watch cause of the side effect. I finally switched to prozac and hydroxyzine for my PTSD and anxiety. I took these pills for a while and decided to try the polygraph again! I also emailed other polygraphers to get a second opinion because I did some research that these meds have any effect on the results.



So on my last try taking my polygraph test. I told the poly tech that these are issues that may affect my results. I showed him the email and the research paper. Nevertheless, he stated that me taking hydroxyzine is alarming. He still continued with the testing and I got my results back.


He noted he could not get any data probably cause if my medication, stated at the bottom results. Then because of this my therapist made some kind of crap that I wasn’t advancing in therapy and tried using gaslighting tactics to make it seem that it was my fault.

I was kicked out of Aligne therapy (recording)


Than US probation decided to quote “give me a second chance with Mountain Valley counseling”. ( in other words they couldn’t find no pedophilic tendencies or had enough dirt to lock me up from 5-20 in prison.) Either way my PO was so desperate that she told me to tell my new therapist at Mountain Valley that ” I need you to tell them that you can’t control yourself when you see teenage girls”. I said “you want me to say that!” She said “at least”. recording of Second chance at Mountain Valley


The day of my deposition tried presenting my recordings to the judge but they really got insulted for the fact that I’ve been recording my therapy and even my intake at Mountain Valley. In this intake I’ve explained I know what I have done wrong with my crime and learned about myself during therapy for the last two years with Align.


I got tired of my PO trying to make me look like I didn’t learn anything from therapy so I gave Mountain valley a detailed explanation of what I did wrong. I was getting punished because I could not pass the polygraph and was taken from my home until I passed the polygraph. My PO insisted I stay at the halfway house until I pass (FYI halfway houses are used and a punishment system)


Then an emergency deposition was issued and sure enough I was kicked out of Mountain valley and violated because I was recording my sessions with Align and Mountain valley. I begged the judge to hear my recordings but all she did was call me a liar and said she should n’t trust me. makes no sense, their recordings, anyways they violated for 7 months with a plea deal. Now I’m from Tucson Arizona but because I recorded my sessions, I’m at a halfway house at Flagstaff AZ. I guess Tucson US probation got really embarrassed that I recorded them and they stated no therapist will help me in Tucson or Phoenix. At least that’s what they say!

After some research I found out what they’re really after. Post interrogation, I’ve been failing because I’m not disclosing any self incriminating information to them…that’s why I’ve been failing. I finally realized the Polygraph is used and a interrogation weapon to coerced and incriminate people. This is used to throw people in prison just based on hearsay by a machine.

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