No Justice for Gay or Lesbian Human Beings

My son was a Gay male married to another Gay male. I had foster children and have since adopted 3 or the four I had. One of my foster children was a real problem and I was trying to improve his actions and had intended to adopt him as well as the other 3. However he was just too much, his biological mom had him selling drugs for her, he headed a gang and he and his gang would attack kids on our street. He would steal from my neighbors and he would key people’s cars. I spoke to the police and therapists to help me with him but it was no use. The straw was broken when he tried to rape my grandson who was only 9 years old. I called the state and told them I wasn’t going through with the adoption on him and would like him removed from my home. While in the process of adopting the other 3 kids I went to a Thanksgiving dinner at the foster care group. The kid I had asked to be removed from my home came into the Thanksgiving dinner and pointed his finger at me.  He said I will get even with you and your family. It went on a year and the kid got even.  He had been sending my son’s husband text messages saying sexual things and my son’s husband responded joking with the 20 year old. The police came to my son’s house and arrested him and his husband. My son went to trial and the court was stacked against him listening to what the kid had said that my son had touched him when he was 17. The kid had made two previous accusations on someone in Flatwoods, Ky and someone in Sandy Hook.  Both had been proven to be lies. However the court system would not allow the information in the trial. Also one of the boys I adopted shared a room with the kid making the accusations and tried to tell the court that he was there and the kid making the accusations lied. However again the testimony wasn’t allowed. I did get to tell the jury about the boy telling me he would get even but no witnesses from the Thanksgiving dinner were allowed. My son’s lawyer he had hired was promoted to judge and he had to get a lawyer from the law firm where his lawyer worked who wasn’t familiar with the case.  We found out later that he had worked for the prosecutor and that they were good friends. My son was convicted and got 12 years in prison. We are now trying to get an appeal but it has been a nightmare for me and my wife. My son had a public job and won’t be able to do it when he gets out because of the felony. He had 163 letters going to the judge that he was a great man and helped everyone in the community, but the letters weren’t allowed until after the trial. In some counties if you are a gay man or women you are guilty before the first evidence is given. This should change in the United States. I am an ordained minister and I wish my son wasn’t gay but I support him in every way and any others that have different life styles or religions or a different race. We are all people and we are all the same. Bless each and everyone one of you that have a loved one locked up or who have to register as a criminal forever. We all make mistakes and we should all be given a second chance. I know names aren’t listed and I myself never used any but I wish there was a group all over the US where we could join hands and peacefully help our loved ones.

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